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Profile The value(s) of Cosun
Cosun is a cooperative that protects its members’ interests by extracting the maximum value from agricultural produce such as sugar beet, potatoes, chicory roots, vegetables and fruit. We are specialists in the large-scale production processes necessary to convert these raw materials efficiently into countless products for use in all kinds of applications:
  • sugar for the food industry, retailers and the foodservice channel;
  • potato specialities for the foodservice channel and for consumers through supermarket chains;
  • inulin to add dietary fibres to foodstuffs;
  • fruit products for use in desserts, ice cream and fruit juices.

We also produce alcohol for the drinks sector and for nonfood applications (pharmaceuticals and fuel) and ingredients for the fine bakery industry. Foodstuffs are not the only things we make. By-products from sugar production have traditionally been used as an animal feed (beet pulp) and in alcohol distillation (molasses). More recently, we have started providing ingredients for non-food products such as starch derivatives for use in, for example, wallpaper paste.

In pursuit of sustainability
Cosun’s ambition is to be a sustainable producer. We extract all we can from the raw materials that are supplied to us and develop new applications specifically for what we used to look upon as waste or residual products. In pursuit of our ambition, process technology and product development often go hand in hand. Our logistics and production processes are organised as efficiently as possible in order to prevent waste. This is good for the environment, good for profits and good for the professional pride of our people.

At the heart of society
Cosun is at the heart of society. We operate in an arena with many different players, each with its own interests. Our staff form our human capital and are together responsible for our results. We also recognise the interests of our customers and their customers, down to the final consumer. And we do not forget our suppliers, contract partners and others with whom we work, the residents living near our production sites, regulators, administrators, opinion leaders and countless organisations that promote a wide range of interests.

Cosun is a cooperative owned by its members, Dutch sugar beet growers who hold shares in the business. Our task is to process their sugar beet into valuable products and to pay them an attractive price for their beet.