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Introduction At Cosun, we believe that all our actions should be socially responsible. Everything we do and everything we do not do has repercussions on the three elements of corporate social responsibility: profit, planet and people.

In this Environmental Report for 2010 we take a closer look at the ‘planet’ aspect of corporate social responsibility. The report is structured around the following topics:
  1. sustainable cultivation
  2. climate change
    - energy consumption and fossil fuels
    - greenhouse gas emissions
  3. water consumption

Sustainable growing is not one of Cosun’s direct activities. Yet we recognise its great importance because our cooperative has direct ties with the arable farming sector. Together with our suppliers, we promote the sustainable growth of our raw materials in the interests of the industry and the environment.

We are studying how the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) can serve as a model for a CSR report. The GRI consists of uniform guidelines on the economic, social and environmental content of a CSR report. It therefore makes such reports comparable and transparent. It is our intention to report on our environmental performance in accordance with the GRI as from 2012. In the year ahead we will determine how Cosun can best interpret and apply the GRI.

As in previous years, the Environmental Report for 2010 consists of two parts. In the first, we report on the improvements in our environmental performance based on the three environmental elements of corporate social responsibility. In the second, we provide hard data to account for each of our business groups’ performance. Through the use of environmental management systems and permanent improvement, our business groups are steadily reducing their environmental impact, provided there are no exceptional circumstances. Explanatory notes are provided to clarify the figures in part two.

We hope we provide the reader with a good view of our environmental performance and our achievements in the past year.

Breda, April 2011