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Profile Cosun is a Dutch cooperative of sugar beet growers. It is our mission to safeguard the continuity of sugar beet cultivation and processing in the Netherlands. The business has grown over the years into a diversified agro-industrial group. Initially, we concentrated exclusively on sugar beet, today we also process many other vegetable raw materials into valuable components and ingredients for all manner of applications. They include potatoes, chicory roots, fruit and vegetables that we process in industrial production plants.

Our strength lies in our ability to extract the maximum value from vegetable raw materials. And we have been doing it for more than 100 years! Our goal is to earn a good return on all our activities while respecting the planet, people and society. The main buyers of our products are active in the food industry. Our products are increasingly being used in other applications to replace non-renewable materials.

Our commercial success is increasingly being determined by our use of all the raw material. Cosun has expertise and wide experience in biorefinery, the process of systematically converting agricultural produce such as sugar beet into components such as granulated sugar, molasses pulp for animal feed, lime fertiliser, water and matter for fermentation into biogas. Full use is made of the entire beet.

Traditionally, we have focused on foodstuffs. Many of our products are commodities. We are also experts in developing and selling value-added products such as potato-based specialities and functional ingredients such as inulin. Cooperation in the value chain, with both suppliers and customers, is of great importance. Promising opportunities have also arisen outside the food sector, for instance in the field of green energy (biogas) and products/chemicals based on vegetable produce (the biobased economy). These market segments are still relatively modest in size but they are growing.

* CFTC: Cosun Food Technology Centre

A full list of the members of the Cosun Group can be requested from the Chamber of * CFTC: Cosun Food Technology Centre Commerce for the Southwest Netherlands under number 20028699.

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