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Profile Royal Cosun is an agro-industrial group firmly rooted in the primary sector. We make ingredients and products from sugar beet, potatoes, chicory, fruit, vegetables and other vegetable raw materials for the international food industry, the foodservice sector and the retail channel. We also convert biomass into non-food applications such as animal feed, biobased chemicals and bio-energy (green gas).

Of the businesses that make up Cosun, Suiker Unie and Aviko are the most widely known. They have traditionally produced sugar and potato specialities respectively. Sensus produces inulin from chicory for use in foodstuffs. Inulin is a dietary fibre that reduces the sugar and fat content of food. SVZ processes fruit and vegetables into concentrates and purees for the food industry. The Duynie group is a trader and distributor of animal feed and develops advanced applications based on ‘green’ raw materials and by-products from the food industry. Cosun Biobased Products is a fledgling business, specialising in innovative products made from agricultural raw materials for use primarily in new applications in the biobased economy.

In addition to developing products themselves, the Cosun businesses draw on the expertise of the group research and development centre, Cosun Food Technology Centre (CFTC). In close collaboration with the business groups, CFTC improves the use of agricultural raw materials, devises innovations in process technology, optimises energy management and, in cooperation with customers, develops new products. It works with a variety of European institutions and universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

Cosun is a cooperative of Dutch sugar beet growers. It was established in 1899.

Continuity of Dutch beet cultivation and sugar production